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Reema Al Banna, the designer behind the Dubai-based brand Reemami, was thinking of the endless noise that accompanies one’s daily life when creating her Fall 2016 collection. Typical of her optimist attitude, rather than produce a menagerie of noise-inspired pieces, Al Banna looked to classical instruments and translated an uplifting rhythm to her Fall 2016 collection.

Here, Al Banna skillfully hand drew illustrations of violinists, drums, guitars, and trumpets and placed them in a repetitive manner that echoed the soothing nature of sound waves. She also tried her hand at incorporating embroidery for the first time in her collection—a successful foray that added depth to a shirt featuring stitched guitar strings and trumpet palazzo pants. Al Banna’s work excels when it expresses an abstract touch. The gently fluted skirt held up with one belt reminded of the over-the-shoulder guitar strap, while the skirt with swinging drums was a celebratory nod to the rhythm of a drumbeat. The plug and cord illustration on a structured dress, however, was far too literal for her clients’ nuanced tastes.

Al Banna also manipulated the volumes and cuts of the classic white shirt—though this is still a work in progress (the drop knot shirt didn’t quite whisper “effortless”). Where the designer generally thrives (and her signature hollers) is the translation of everyday ideas and themes to wardrobe pieces that women will be eager to acquire for their witty airs. That said, the virtuoso pieces of this collection were closet staples—a gold lame pleated skirt and a slouchy metallic turtleneck—reminding that on occasion, a work’s high notes are not always where a composer writes them.

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