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Interview: VS Angels on Beauty and Selfies

The Victoria’s Secret runway—with more than 100 feet of LED screens in lieu of actual glitter this year—is a well-oiled machine. Veteran performer Taylor Swift knows all her cues (Ariana Grande is still learning hers after edging a bit too close to a fuzzy pair of pink wings), and the catwalkers are always ready for their close-ups. Backstage, the scene is a bit more manic as the models are powdered, painted, and spray-tanned to perfection in between snapping the perfect selfie and posing for the press. Here, a few of our favorite Angels talk everything from HD-worthy skin to toning up (or not!) in their hotel rooms.

What is the number one song on your workout playlist?

Adriana Lima: “I listen to the The Prodigy’s whole album.”

Behati Prinsloo: “There’s no number one song, but I listen to Outkast radio on Pandora. It’s really good. And TLC radio. Both get you in the right vibe.”

Doutzen Kroes: “It’s Dennis Ferrer, he’s a DJ. And I love the song ‘He Is.’ I like all his music—his mixtape is great. I also love Beyoncé and ‘Drunk in Love.’”

Karlie Kloss: “You know, if we actually looked at my phone, I think ‘Shake It Off’ is my go-to running song, just because it’s got a good rhythm. It pushes me!”

Lindsay Ellingson: “It’s probably something really vulgar…I think it’s called ‘Ms. Fat Booty’ by Mos Def. I’m from Southern California. I did hip-hop dancing. It just pumps me up.”


What’s your most-hated workout move?

Adriana Lima: “Let’s see, I don’t like planking.”

Behati Prinsloo: “Squats. Have you ever done the squats where your feet are a little out and you’re on your toes and you go down, down, down, and then you lift one foot out? Those kill me, but they’re the best.”

Doutzen Kroes: “The bridge—it’s for your inner thighs, outer thighs, and butt. It works really well and it’s really painful, but you know, you gotta do it!”

Karlie Kloss: “The most-hated workout move that I avoid at all costs is the burpee. I detest it—that one just makes me cringe.”

victorias-secret-models-workout-beauty-tips-2Did you hit the gym this morning?

Behati Prinsloo: “I didn’t. I slept—I needed my sleep because I was jet-lagged and we had a busy day…We got home pretty late and had to do a spray tan at, like, 10 p.m.”

Karlie Kloss: “I worked out late last night. We had a full day with the BFAs. So I slept in this morning. It’s either dedicated or insane—one of the two.”

Lindsay Ellingson: “I did, actually! I brought my ankle weights with me and did butt exercises in the morning for 10 minutes, which was great because we’ve had no time to work out. I’m so glad I brought them with me because I just do it in my room. You’re on your hands and knees and you lift your leg behind you for 50 reps on each side. The weights are 5 pounds each, so you can do a lot less in a shorter amount of time but get better results. It’s intense.”

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