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Ramadan Recollections: Rami Al Ali

Rami Al AliSyrian Couturier, Rami Al Ali’s eponymous brand has gone from strength to strength this year, garnering the attention of entertainment industry heavyweights such as Beyoncé Knowles and Kerry Washington. Here, Rami Al Ali reflects on Ramadan childhood traditions and continuing the line in Dubai.

My first experience of Ramadan was in Syria, where I spent my childhood. I’m part of a large family so this always made Ramadan particularly special to me growing up. My family and I would either visit relatives’ houses, or they would come to us and we would all eat Iftar together. My mother and sisters would always cook up fantastic Arabic dishes and we’d all have a huge feast.

My two sisters have just recently moved to Dubai from Syria, so Ramadan is extra special for me this year. I also look forward to the get-togethers during Ramadan and attending Iftars and Suhoors—I love sharing great food with great company.

Ramadan is about people coming together and sharing their experiences. During Ramadan I enjoy spending time with the people I care about, whether good friends or my family. I use the Holy Month as a time for reflection and to appreciate everything I have. I am particularly thankful for everything I have achieved so far.

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