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Emerging from Bahrain… Noon by Noor.

For Spring 2013, the Middle Eastern brand from Bahrain, Noon by Noor, showed on schedule at New York Fashion Week. The ladies behind the label, Sheikha Noor and Sheikha Haya spoke to Arabia on the brand and how it felt to show on schedule at an international fashion week.

How did teaming up with a family member for a brand come about?

Sheikha Noor: I initially launched Noon By Noor a few years ago, but realized that I wanted to get involved in every step of the design process, from the initial concept to the final product. And so, I decided to attain my educational degree so that I could return back to my label fully equipped.

Sheikha Haya: It was then that I decided to join forces with Noor, and upon completion of our studies, we moved back to Bahrain and the label was reborn. We’re not only cousins, we have been best friends since childhood; so working together was something that we always wanted to do.

Why ‘Noon By Noor’?

Sheikha Noor: Noon, of course, is the Arabic version of the letter “N”. I initially chose this name because it appealed to me personally and more importantly because of its unique reference to our culture.

Sheikha Haya: When I joined, we had contemplated a name change, but I was already in love with the name. It was catchy and seemed to fit perfectly, so why change it!

This was your first season showing on-schedule at NYFW. How did it feel?

Sheikha Noor: It was a really proud moment for us and we felt honored to be showcasing alongside such amazing designers. It was an incredible opportunity to present our vision and hard work to the fashion industry.

Sheikha Haya: We worked incredibly hard in the lead up to the show so to see it all come together in the end was very exciting. We felt humbled by the positive feedback we received.

What was the highlight?

Sheikha Noor: Seeing our designs on the runway was the highlight. It proved that all the long hours and hard work had paid off.

Sheikha Haya: Receiving all the positive feedback as well as the support of celebrities such as Olivia Palermo, Nicky Hilton, and The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman.

What tip would you give upcoming designers who want to make it internationally?

Sheikha Noor: Follow your passion and believe in yourself.

Sheikha Haya: Be prepared for a lot of hard work and don’t take no for an answer!

What’s next?

Sheikha Noor: Currently we are in the midst of working on our next collection and preparing for some upcoming events.

Sheikha Haya: We also have other projects in the pipeline that we will be launching in the coming months so stay tuned!


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