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20 Fashion Instagram Accounts From the Arab World

The Arab world is far and wide and a mystery to anyone who is not familiar with its paradoxes; yet one thing seems to unify all Arab ladies around the region: their distinctive taste in fashion. We rounded up a regional tour of the best Instagram accounts to follow to get in touch with what’s hot from Morocco to Bahrain, check it out.


Hadia Ghaleb made a business out of her knack for social media: Ghaleb Production House. Follow the athlete for tips on how she stays in shape and get inspired by her personal quirky style, which mixes local designers and household names.


Cairo Style brings you all the best Egyptian pop-culture items from the past and present; follow this Instagram to stay in touch with Cairo’s burgeoning cultural scene.


Looking for the next fashionable event in Dubai? The latest trend in shoes or the coolest abaya brand? Join the world of Lady Fozaza. Saudi-born and Dubai-based Alanoud Badr’s curriculum includes TV hosting and CEO of an apparel line, not to mention her 300K+ followers.


For a glimpse into a traditional-chic Emirati lifestyle, head to Latifa Al Shamsi’s Instagram and dive into the glamorous Jumeirah lifestyle in the fashion capital of the Middle East, Dubai.


Anum Bashir is not your typical selfie obsessed blogger. Her vision comes from her position at the Qatar Museum Authority and her love for fashion as an art. Call us biased, but the VOICES contributor is number one to watch on our list.


Sheikha Raya Al Khalifa was born in Bahrain but moved to Doha with her husband. Follow her incredibly chic Instagram account for a dive into fashion history and the most beautiful pieces of high jewelry.

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