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Geek Chic Beauty Hacks: How to Wear Makeup with Glasses

how-to-wear-makeup-with-glasses-openerGlasses are generally reserved for weekends spent at home and the days where a topknot is the most effort you will put into your appearance. But now that they are officially runway approved—models during the spring 2016 Milan Fashion Week paraded down the Gucci runway wearing oversized, bejeweled specs, while the models at Prada wore eyewear reminiscent of scuba goggles wrapped around their heads—we can finally incorporate specs into our daily beauty routine.

Wearing makeup with glasses can be somewhat of a beauty conundrum. While it’s true that they can present some challenges (who wants to get foundation on their brand new Chanel frames?) there are ways to avoid cosmetic mishaps and draw attention to your beautiful peepers.

1. Correct shadows and minimize eye bags
Avoid sunken, tired eyes, by counteracting the shadows that glasses create under them with a brightening concealer. Try the Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen (US $38; AED/SAR 140).

Make sure to powder your eyes following the concealer, to prevent creasing and smudging.

2. Make eyes look bigger
Those who are near-sighted may feel like their glasses make their eyes look smaller. There are ways to widen your eyes using simple makeup tricks. Avoid dark eye shadow and eyeliner shades, as these make the eyes appear smaller.

Choose neutral tones to shade your lids. Shimmer shadow is universally flattering and will make your eyes pop behind eyeglass frames.

Avoid black liner on the waterline and instead opt for a white or gray liner to open up your eyes.

Curl your lashes with a precision eyelash curler, such as the Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler (US $14; AED/SAR 51) before applying mascara. This opens lashes up and prevents them from hitting the lens of the glasses and smudging them with mascara.

3. Blot away excess foundation
Every glasses-wearer knows that foundation has a tendency to rub off onto the frames. You can avoid this by wearing a long-lasting foundation, such as the Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Effect Makeup (US $14; AED/SAR 51) and setting it with powder.

Make sure to keep a pack of blotting papers tucked away in your purse—the MAC Cosmetics Blot Film (US $16;AED/SAR 59)  works well to effectively absorb oil without spoiling your makeup.

4. Complement your frames with a bold lip
If you feel that you’re hiding behind your frames, a statement lip color will direct attention to your pout and create a look-at-me effect.

—Khaoula Ghanem

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