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Ralph Masri’s Jewelry is Set to Revive an Ancient Alphabet

Following a presentation at the LuxCartel showroom in New York City today (June 29th), Lebanese designer Ralph Masri, behind his namesake fine jewelry label, will head to Paris to showcase his fine jewelry collection. Exclusively revealed here on, his new offering (which the Beirut-based designer called “Phoenician Script”), draws inspiration from the Phoenician alphabet. Characterized for its abjad writing system, the language dates back to 1050 BC and was used throughout the Phoenician civilization—an empire that spread across the Mediterranean coastline and is now Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine. Considered to be the original linguistic source for Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek, the letters are notable for their geometric shapes.

Angular lines and zigzag designs across 18-karat white, yellow, and rose gold earrings and rings bring the ancient letters back to life. Pavé diamonds and sapphires in contrasting colors add dimension to Masri’s contemporary creations, while, pear-cut rubies and citrines lend an elegant touch to linear-shaped studs. Take a look at the full collection in the gallery above.

Ralph Masri’s jewelry collection “Phoenician Script” will be on display at the Hotel Castille, Paris, until July 3rd.

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