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The 2016 DDFC/Vogue Fashion Prize Finalists Reveal Their LFW Hero Pieces

Burberry September 2016 Collection Ready-to-Wear

London Fashion Week has drawn to a close. Now, two DDFC/Vogue Fashion Prize finalists—ready-to-wear designer Karine Tawil and accessories designer Nathalie Trad—reveal their must-have pieces from the shows and presentations in the UK capital.

KAROLINE LANG – BURBERRY September 2016 Collection
Karine Tawil

 Burberry September 2016 Ready-to-Wear, photo by Yannis Vlamos /

Burberry September 2016 Collection Ready-to-Wear. Photo by Yannis Vlamos /

“I chose this look from the Burberry [September 2016 Collection] show at London Fashion Week. I love the mixture of prints and textures—specifically the combination of florals, stripes, and cashmere. I like how this silhouette is belted, even though I would have chosen a different accessory. When I first started out, I used to design a lot of short pieces. Now, I’ve moved towards designing longer pieces that elongate the silhouette, and this is what I love about this particular look.”

Nathalie Trad

Malone Souliers Spring 2016. Photo courtesy of Nathalie Trad.

Malone Souliers Spring 2016. Photo courtesy of Nathalie Trad.

Malone Souliers” Spring 2017 presentation showcased my favorite accessories collection in London. I’ve been following the brand for a few seasons, and I’m a huge fan of their mules. Sneakers have reigned supreme for countless seasons, so Mary Alice Malone’s delicate stilettos in silk satin (with contrasting leather straps) really stood out from the crowd. I was immediately drawn towards these pink jacquard heels, which are incredibly feminine. I love the way her shoes are classic at a first glance, but upon closer inspection, they’re unique from any other. The silhouette of her mules—and the way the cut curves around the foot—is so elegant. I’d team these with my new season Milo or Gustave clutch.”

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