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Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. Scorpion Necklace

scorpion silver

As our week’s focus on style with soul comes to a close, we choose to leave you with this finely crafted necklace featuring the mighty scorpion. Its claws wrap around your neck in a tender embrace while the tail lays low on the chest ready to punish anyone who comes too close for comfort. Scorpions are masters of survival and often referenced by the Egyptians, who considered them to be powerful guardians to the after-life. In African aboriginal lore, the scorpion is also associated with life and death. While the sting is said to have intense healing qualities, it can, of course, also prove lethal. Originally designed in 1979, this piece is produced in either sun-kissed gold or sterling silver. Wear the scorpion against a blank canvas—it should be your only statement.


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