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Bil Arabi Kaffak Hand Cuff

Bil Arabi 'Kaffak' collection - 'Ya 3ein' Hand Cuff @ Bloomingdale's-Dubai AED 7,200  (1)

Available at Bloomingdale’s Dubai, Bil Arabi’s new Kaffak (High Five) collection features hand cuff designs in 18 Karat gold that show off Nadine Kanso’s funky take on Arabic calligraphy. Mingling both bling and tradition, the Beirut-born and Dubai-based designer adorned her jewelry with elements such as an evil eye (as in the “Ya 3ein” hand cuff above), or roses made out of precious and semi precious stones that blossom around her golden letterings. Arabic calligraphy appears to be here to stay and this Arabic-inspired fine jewelry has given it a high five.

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