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Dissecting the Top Plastic Surgery Trends That Saudi Women Want


For the Saudi national, multiple daily updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are becoming de rigeur. In order to keep up appearances, many are turning to both invasive and non-invasive surgeries to effectively take better photographs and “selfies.”

During a conversation with Dr. Qassim Ahli (M.B.B.Ch Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dermalase Clinic and Head of the Plastic Surgery Unit, Sheikh Rashid Hospital in Dubai), we learned that the beauty-savvy Saudi does indeed come to Dubai for a quick beauty fix. “Around 5% of our clientele is from Saudi Arabia but the number is steadily increasing year on year,” Dr. Ahli explained. “The average patient is between 18-30 years old,” he continued.

Body reshaping surgeries are the number one requested invasive surgery. When it comes to matters of the face, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) takes the top spot. “The Arabic population inherently has a broad nasal tip which can make the nose look larger,” explained Dr. Ahli. As for which celebrity has the most requested nose, Dr. Ahli informed, “Angelina Jolie—but patients want her lips too.”

In order to return home with an instantly inflated pair of lips, the answer lies with fillers; while Botox appointments are also on the rise for a more youthful appearance. And although the average Saudi wants a refined Western-looking nose, Dr. Ahli explained that she is also after Haifa Wehbe’s cheeks.
—Elizabeth Whiston-Dew

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