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Abu Dhabi Louvre Opening Date Confirmed


“France is fully committed to and excited about the Louvre Abu Dhabi opening here in two years time,” said the Minister in an official statement. Filippetti made the official statement during the opening ceremony of the 5th edition of Abu Dhabi Art, in the presence of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum Director, Jean-Luc Martinez.

abu dhabi louvre museum

This news comes six years after the signing of the contract to build the museum. The initial period was marked by frequent construction delays, apparently due to a lack of expertise on-site, which resulted in disgruntled architects and frustrated sponsors. To avoid further difficulties, Filippetti assured that Agence France-Museums, a French joint-venture of twelve heritage public museums, would send French teams to Abu Dhabi to facilitate the construction.

“My presence here with more than 12 presidents and directors of the most important French museums is a symbol of France’s desire to honor our 30-year treaty with Abu Dhabi,” Filippetti added, referring to the signed cultural contract, representing 30 years of collaboration with Abu Dhabi.

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