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Abadkwt’s Hilarious Parodies Make it the Funny Instagram Account to Follow


abadkwt / Instagram

If you’re not following AbadKwt, you’re missing out. The funny Instagram account posts dubbed videos that feature a heavy, colloquial Kuwaiti dialect, adding a shot of humor to your news feed. The account features parody clips that range from Dynasty and The Nanny to modern day television shows such as Grace and Frankie and Downton Abbey. There’s even some Disney moments for you to enjoy as you scroll. The voiceover narratives are witty, blunt, and occasionally throw in some ice-cold shade for good measure.

Kuwaiti singer and songwriter Aziz AlNasrallah is the brainchild and voice behind the account, and he revealed the concept to “I choose different English and American shows with characters that act and have facial expressions similar to Kuwaitis,” he began. “Then, I set the conversation in social situations that we are familiar with in our everyday lives,” he added. That can be said about Downton Abbey’s Violet Crawley who is known as Um Jassim on the social media profile. The character racks up the most views for her dry humor and cut-throat quips. Another star is Sylvia Fine from The Nanny, who is dubbed as Athob and personifies a pushy mother.

Also on Snapchat, Abadkwt caught the attention of Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah who invited AlNasrallah take part in Dubai’s Snapchat Party DXB organized by Platinum Records. Discover three of our favorite clips from the funny Instagram account below.

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