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Spot On: 9 Movie Stars, Singers, and Models with Freckles

Freckles make for a unique beauty trait; they emit individuality and create a youthful appeal. While they haven’t always been considered a covetable asset, scattered speckles have become a beauty obsession—both on and off the runways.

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury admits to drawing faux freckles across her clients’ noses for an instant, anti-aging effect. Meanwhile, an LA-based company called Freck Yourself went as far as creating temporary freckle tattoos for those who weren’t genetically blessed with the dappled beauty dots.

However, there are many A-listers who don’t need to fake it. Bella Hadid, Kate Moss, and Penélope Cruz are just a few celebrities who were fortunate in the freckle department. Above, we reveal nine movie stars, singers, and models with freckles.

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