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Why This Year’s MTV VMAs Red Carpet Was the Worst Ever

Recently, I have been utterly uninspired by the on-stage/red carpet styles of our contemporary singers. There was a time (it should be noted here that I am an ‘80s kid) when everything worn by Madonna, Michael Jackson, or even the more demure Sade was a statement and broke the rules of fashion. Today, a handful of artists such as Rihanna, M.I.A, and Pharrell continue to inspire, but what about the rest of the celebs? From Kylie Jenner and Britney Spears’ mini-mini-mini skirt to Miley Cyrus’ bandage top, it seems like nudity is the new must-have outfit.

To sell records, must a woman bare it all? It would be tolerable if these looks were meant to make a point, but there was no message behind these outfits—just skin everywhere, so much so that it ceased to shock. In the sea of bad outfits, however, the always elegant Hailee Steinfeld stood out in her modest Stella McCartney jumpsuit and Jennifer Fisher jewelry.

For the sake of gender equality, I’m asking the boy bands to come back so that at least we have some six-packs to look out for. All in all, it was another extremely disappointing red carpet filled with bad decisions. Here are my few top picks, and the rest.

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