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Target Training: Tone Your Thighs

If, like me, the thought of weight machines following your cardio workout makes you break into sweat—don’t panic. Sometimes, the best way to get results is to forego the toning machines altogether and use your own body weight to sculpt your frame.

This week, I learned that model Miranda Kerr can do the plank (a press-up position while lying face down parallel to the floor while balancing on your elbows) for no less than ten minutes—now that is impressive.  One area that is key to target while you’re preparing for holiday season is the back of the thighs all the way up to the glutes. Brazilian model and fitness fanatic Izabel Goulart, complete with her abs of steel, posts little glimpses of her training routines on her Instagram account which has now become my go-to source for what to do at the gym to get results.

One of her latest videos shows how to tone the backs of your thighs while maintaining a strong core by practicing a shoulder stand while rolling a Pilates ball towards your body before going back to the neutral position. Of course, she makes this look effortless; but trust me, this single exercise targets muscles you may have never known existed. Add this to your squats and lunges and watch your thighs become firmer by the day.

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