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The Clinic Gives Us Something to Smile About


The Clinic is responsible for some of the most beautiful smiles in town. Situated in the midst of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the faithful clientele are generally professionals who want results, fast. With an ever-expanding portfolio, what started as a dental practice has now expanded to offer a plethora of other treatments: physiotherapy, medical care, pediatrics, and even plastic surgery. As the Founder of The Clinic, Dr. Karim Fekih, tells, “a plastic surgeon can’t plan a facial treatment without any consideration for the teeth,” and similarly, “an unattractive smile can overshadow the best facelift.”

The new plastic surgery division is led by Dr. Maurizio and Dr. Roberto Viel, the Founders of London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery. Hopping from the dentist to the doctor’s chair and then into surgery for a little botox or filler pick-me-up: it’s an aesthetic overhaul all-in-one-afternoon. Treatments like the Zoom System L.E.D. Teeth Whitening will see you out the door with a whiter set of teeth in less than an hour, minus the sensitivity usually associated with teeth whitening, Dr. Karim assures us.

The who’s who for your little black beauty book:

Plastic Surgery: Dr. Maurizio and Dr. Roberto Viel

General Dentistry: Dr. Karim Fekih

General Dentistry and Implantology: Dr. Hussein Bushnaq

General Dentist and Prosthodontist: Dr. Matthieu Gabriele

Internal Medecine: Dr. Sonia Ketari

Pediatrics: Dr. Azza Rais

General Medical Practitioner: Dr. Sohail Malihi

Physiotherapist: Anne Elisabeth Filere

The last word:

The key to maintaining a bright smile:

“Flossing is the key for healthy gums. Use a soft toothbrush. Avoid coffee, tea. or red wine: these are considered the enemy and, as we know, a beautiful smile can open any door.”

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