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In Pursuit of Brighter, Smoother Skin

Keeping your skin on an even plateau almost seems impossible when you have your hormones, food allergies, air conditioning, and other external aggressors to battle. On my skincare date with the Biolite Aesthetic Clinic founder, Mona Mirza, she told me that next to flawless skin is possible. “Our mantra is to first prepare the skin, repair it, and then maintain it—and this is what gives fantastic results,” said Mirza. I am certainly someone who is looking for a little more muscle behind my facial, so I booked myself in for a double whammy treatment at Biolite.

Mirza told me that the DermaSweep treatment would really help brighten my complexion and slough through the dead skin cells to reveal a luminous complexion beneath. Yes, I want brighter, more luminous skin—everyone does. As for the tightening up of the pores and tackling pigmentation, she recommended the Photo Rejuvenation facial.

The Review:

To first prepare the skin, my therapist started with a deep cleansing facial. A good cleanse, scrub, and steam session later and it was time to get tough and purge the pores and then onto the DermaSweep skin treat. This is akin to a microdermabrasion where an exfoliating wand is run over the surface of the face and while the vacuum-effect gives pores a deep down cleanse, the water jet stream infuses the skin with moisture.

After a deep cleansing facemask, I was ready for the next stage of Photo Rejuvenation in which an intense light is pulsed over the surface of the skin. It feels like your skin is being pinged with elastic bands as the light and heat waves target age spots and redness, making the overall appearance of the skin smoother. After my double-duty facial, my skin looked seriously fresh and clean; it had a dewy radiance to it and my pores were less visible. I know that if I keep this up on a monthly basis, it will take my makeup application to the next level and I may be able to ditch the face paint altogether.

The DermaSweep and Photo Rejuvenation treatments are AED/SAR 1,500 each. Discounted rates are available if you book a package of treatments.

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