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Go Organic with the Strawberry Facial


I love hearing how organic foods stocked in our kitchen cabinets can transform into little beauty miracle workers. Avocados are great for the hair, oatmeal is good for the complexion—as is sea salt, olive oil does wonders for the body, and what about when rising Lebanese actress, Razane Jammal told me about how great raw egg is slathered onto your hair?

Strawberries are championed for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Very intrigued, I jumped at the chance to try a strawberry facial.

The De La Mer Day Spa, on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road, has a list of treatments that use fresh produce. For the strawberry facial, the therapist began by cleansing my skin with natural yoghurt. A mild exfoliation was up next, using a banana dipped in brown sugar to slough away the dead skin cells. A further cleanse took used honey (known for its anti-bacterial quality) with a hint of fresh lemon added to the mix. Then came the pièce de résistance—fresh strawberry purée was layered over the top of some gauze and left for ten minutes to work its magic.

In all honesty, by this point I was really hungry—not a facial to get on an empty stomach, even though my therapist assured me that I could actually eat the ingredients as they were so fresh. After the final rinse and facial massage, I was handed the mirror and my skin did have a dewiness to it. It didn’t feel dry, tight, or agitated, which can sometimes be the effect of scientific-led facials. It has been two days since the scrumptious face treat and I haven’t had the post-facial breakout, which is great news. In fact just today, a friend of mine with beautiful skin asked me the secret behind my newfound glow—all in all, an excellent result.

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