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Ask Coach Mike: How to Drop Body Fat Fast

An important invitation has just been delivered to your door and you find out (cue the horror) that you have only one week to get your body in shape so that you can fit yourself into that gown that’s been on reserve for skinny days. As we all know, the only way to fight the flab is with a regimented diet and exercise plan.

Once you have banned the bloat-inducing foods from your house, stick to this fat-targeting fitness plan from our resident guru Coach Mike. Slip on your new Lucas Hugh London leggings and bright Nike Zoom trainers and start this bespoke diet plan designed for you to shed the pounds fast.

Get moving and good luck.

The Diet:

Try eating a calorie-controlled diet filled with lean protein, fruit, and vegetables for four days and for the last three days, try a detox (juice cleanse). Drink cucumber and lemon, peppermint or ginger tea, cranberry juice, and lots of bottled water. Make sure that you get eight hours of sleep per night so that the body has a chance to repair.

The Food-Ban Bin:

Fizzy drinks
Fried food

Coach Mike’s Fitness Diary:

Sunday: Get Motivated

Good morning early birds, it is time to start the week with 30 minutes of cardio before breakfast. You can choose from the following: running, walking, swimming, rowing, jump rope, cross trainer, or a variety of these, but I want you to push yourself; you should break a sweat.

No time to rest; now it is onto a set of ab-crunching exercises. Do as many as you can, then add ten more.

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