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Sculpt Yourself a Chic Physique

Michael KorsAfter seeing the plethora of Victoria’s Secret supermodel photographs flood the social media channels of late, all toned legs, flat as a pancake stomachs, and, ahem, pert posteriors on parade, I marched myself down to the Physique 57 HQ at Jumeirah City Walk. The latest ballet barre workout from stateside is now on offer in Dubai. It promises to tackle unwanted fat head-on and to sculpt a long and lean silhouette. Yes, please.

With leggings and tank tops at the ready, the class of ladies took their places at the bar, and Erin the instructor began to take us through our paces.

A series of arm exercises were the first beauty order of the day and Erin urged me to go for at least a 5 pound weight (ouch, I don’t think I’ve ever lifted anything heavier than a Fendi Peekaboo). Regardless, I forged ahead, coaxed by the thought of toned triceps and biceps. Less reps of heavier weights equals serious fat burn, we were encouraged.

The class was only 60 minutes in total, so there was no downtime. In a split, we were all down on the floor and straight into a push-up position. Up, down, up, down. Then into the plank exercise; as the countdown began, the grimacing faces started to emerge.

Next up: the ballet part. Do you want legs like a show pony? I certainly do. I faced the bar, a volleyball wedged between my thighs, and a series of pliés on tippy toes ensued—just don’t drop the ball and you’re on the right track. As a former ballerina, I can tell you that this is by no means pretty or graceful, but I could feel my leg muscles awaken and even shake, as I repeated to myself, “No pain, no gain.” After a series of well-deserved stretches, it was on to core strength. Sitting in a circle, poised and ready, we performed sit ups, and every which way: legs raised, arms reaching then twisting, from one side to the other. The competition started, as well as the nervous giggles—no one wanted to give up first.

Lastly, was a battle against the back fat. Lying on our stomachs, arms reaching out front, a simultaneous lifting of the arms and legs engaged every back muscle. “Hold it there…count to twenty…now you can relax.” Phew.

Feeling thoroughly worked out, my arms and legs hung limp, and I left the class feeling invigorated from the exercise. It was the following day when I started to feel the effects. My thighs are as hard as rocks and although it’s tough to bend and wriggle into my skinny jeans, they do come up with room to spare, and that puts this class at the top of my quick beauty fix list.

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