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5 Ultra Nourishing Hair Masks to Keep Dry Strands Hydrated


selenagomez / Instagram

We’re all aware of the importance of moisturizing when it comes to nourishing our skin, but what about our hair? A refreshing glass of H2O plays a key role in maintaining hair strength and the overall health of our mane; while dehydration can have a negative impact on our strands. Water is the main source of energy for hair cells (including the ones that promote growth) and is also responsible for carrying essential vitamins to our roots. Deficient hydration can result in dryness, hair loss, and slower growth. With Ramadan only a few days away, you need to consider alternative options to restore moisture levels to your manes—starting with a hydrating hair mask for dry hair. Below, rounds up 5 nourishing formulas to tackle dehydration and keep your tresses strong, shiny, and healthy.

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