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The Kim Kardashian Diet: How the Reality Star Lost Her Pregnancy Weight


kimdashsource / Instagram

Kim Kardashian West recently took to Snapchat to announce that she dropped 60 pounds of the weight gained during her second pregnancy with Saint West, who was born in December of last year. The question on everyone’s lips? “How?” According to the mother-of-two, West lost her baby weight by following the new Atkins diet.

Popularized by the late Dr. Atkins, the “new, improved” Atkins diet is a low-carb approach to weight loss that has amassed an A-list following including Adriana Lima, Megan Fox, Jenifer Aniston, and of course, Kimmie K.

West, who has been very vocal about the discomfort she experiences during pregnancy, previously lost 55 pounds in 11 months following the same diet after giving birth to her first child, North, in 2014.

Following the diet rigorously, the 35-year-old limited her calorie intake to 1,800 per day; cut sugar, sweets, cake, and crackers from her diet; and made sure to exercise frequently. Compared to the original Atkins diet—which maintained a strict, no-go policy towards carbohydrates—the new version is rather flexible in terms of what one can and can’t eat.

In another recent Snapchat video, Kim (well, Kim’s feet) can be seen beginning a workout. “My hike is starting,” she states, before going on to mention the body oil she swears by. “I have the body oil all over my body because I heard if you put it on before you work out, you get really firm skin and no wrinkles.”

When it comes to her choice of diet plan, it’s important to remember that Kim Kardashian West has a history of endorsing weight loss products (including waist-trainers and weight loss pills). Unsurprisingly, the reality star signed on as a brand ambassador for the Atkins diet earlier this year. While she may or may not be getting paid a staggering amount of money to promote the program, her bounce back game is certainly strong.

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