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A Different Kind of Arm Candy: 10 Striking Henna Designs for Eid

It may only be the start of the second week of Ramadan, but Eid is already on our minds. Let’s be honest, we’re all looking forward to dressing up, exchanging gifts, and decorating our hands with henna. To get you ready for Eid, we’ve selected ten stylish henna designs that make for chic accessories to help set off your Eid dress. If you want to keep it traditional, opt for intricately drawn spirals in black or brown on your hands. Those who want something more contemporary can try the trendy white henna (which is actually body paint), or get subtle spirals, flowers, and curlicues carefully painted onto nails for a festive manicure. In the gallery above, we round up ten eye catching henna designs for Eid.

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