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How the New Diana Vreeland Outrageous Collection Aims to Raise the Fragrance Bar


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The Diana Vreeland fragrance range is updating its beauty line. Created in honor of the late, former Vogue editor by her grandson, Alexander Vreeland, the nine-piece perfume line is set to expand with the launch the Outrageous collection. The new line introduces a trio of olfactory offerings based on the existing Simply Divine, Outrageously Vibrant, and Daringly Different fragrances.

Each scent contains a high dose of fragrance oil (25% rather than the standard 15%), which makes the new perfumes potent, amped up versions of the originals. While the new line is developed by the same perfumer, Alexander Vreeland describes the new collection as “far more luxurious, far more soulful,” and as one that “speaks to a more sophisticated customer who likes a more powerful fragrance experience.” In other words, the intense new fragrances are anything but ordinary.

Retailing at US $350; AED/SAR 1,285 per bottle, The Outrageous collection is almost double the price of the main line, and is set to launch on July 1st.

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