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Giving Life, Hit Pan, and 9 Other Beauty Slang Terms You Need to Know


If the sentence, “Your face is so beat right now,” doesn’t horrify you, then you’re probably following an array of makeup artists on Instagram. However, if you’re not quite up to speed with the latest beauty slang terms being thrown around on social media, we’ve broken down the ones worth adding to your vocabulary below.

BAKING YOUR FACE (verb): Allowing concealer to sit on your face for prolonged periods of time to ensure budge-proof makeup.

“I’ll be there in a minute, I’m just baking my face.”

BEAT FACE (noun): A term used to describe meticulously applied makeup from every angle. The term has been around since the ‘70s, but recently regained popularity among makeup enthusiasts.

“I’m about to give you a beat face, Zaynab.”

makeuplolz / Instagram

makeuplolz / Instagram

FLEEK (adjective): Another way to say perfect. It was originally associated with groomed eyebrows, but the phrase can be used to describe everything that is on point.

“My brows are on fleek today.”

makeupmemes / Instagram

makeupmemes / Instagram

GIVING LIFE (verb): When your makeup looks so good, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

“This bronzer is literally giving me life right now.”

beauty-slang-terms-beat-fleek-snatched-makeup-vocabulary-04HIT PAN (verb): The devastating moment when you scrape the bottom of your eyeshadow or highlighter palette.

“Mariam, why are you crying?”
“I just hit pan on Champagne Pop.”

makeuplolz / Instagram

makeuplolz / Instagram

LAID (noun): When every strand of your hair is straightened to perfection.

“Who did your hair for the wedding? It was absolutely laid!”

beauty-slang-terms-beat-fleek-snatched-makeup-vocabulary-06FOR THE GODS (adjective): A superlative used in tandem with “beat” and “laid.”

“Her hair is laid for the Gods!”

beauty-slang-terms-beat-fleek-snatched-makeup-vocabulary-07SERVING FACE (verb): To pose intensely for a selfie. This could be raising your eyebrows or squinting.

“Did you see that picture she posted on Instagram? She was serving face!”

beautymemes / Instagram

beautymemes / Instagram

STROBING (verb): This literally means highlighting.

“Lara, why are you so late?”
“I was strobing.”

beautymemes / Instagram

beautymemes / Instagram

SNATCHED (adjective): An updated version of “fleek.” If you look snatched, it means you look great (and fierce).

“Did you get extensions? Your hair is snatched!”

beauty-slang-terms-beat-fleek-snatched-makeup-vocabulary-10YAS (expression): Originally a Glaswegian saying used to make others aware of extreme happiness, “yas” can also be exclaimed when something gives you life.



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