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Why a Self-Tanner is the Only “Fake” Trend You Should Follow


Is there such a thing as a safe, natural tan? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The only safe glow is the one that comes in a bottle. When most people think of self-tanners they automatically think of streaky ankles, stained palms, and even a long-lasting odor—but thanks to technology, new tanning formulas dry quickly, show up instantly, and don’t give your skin the dreaded orange hue.

My personal favorite is the Clarins Self-Tanning Milky Lotion (US $38; AED/SAR 140). The long-lasting formula provides an even, streak-free glow that could be attributed to a weekend on the French Riviera. I smooth it onto my limbs after every shower for a gradual, golden glow that appears an hour later. The bronze tube is perfect for those with sensitive skin, as it contains fig extract to provide 24-hour hydration.

For a smooth, streak-free tan:

1. Prior to application, exfoliate your body with a loofah in the shower.

2. Since dry limbs absorb a lot of color, slather on a hydrating moisturizer.

3. Using long, vertical strokes, apply your self-tanner by starting at your feet and working up to your neck. Use a pea-sized amount of product to massage onto your face.

4. Wait a few minutes for your tan to dry before getting dressed. If you’re in a hurry, enlist the help of a blow-dryer (on the coolest setting) to speed up the process.

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