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The Edit: The 10 Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams for Premature Aging

If anti wrinkle creams were once reserved for our 40s and beyond, today, many 20 and 30-somethings are now stocking their vanities with anti-aging products targeted towards the 30-and-under set.

Our skin enters the aging cycle in our late 20s and early 30s, and the initial signs include a noticeable loss of elasticity, dull and sallow skin, and fine lines.

Don’t neglect your skin just because you haven’t experienced your “first wrinkle.” Make sure to use a good sunscreen and try to keep out of the sun to maintain a beautiful complexion free of photo-damage— the old adage “prevention is better than cure” holds true here. Once you hit your late 20s and the signs of aging become more apparent, that’s when the collagen-boosting, skin-plumping products should be considered.

An effective wrinkle cream is one that contains retinol, antioxidants, and collagen-boosters. Retinol stimulates skin cell production, which in turn fills in fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, antioxidants such as Vitamin E flush away harmful toxins to protect the skin from future wrinkles.

When choosing a wrinkle cream, consider one that contains SPF. Living in a region where the sun shines bright all year long, it is important to shield your face and décolletage from UV rays, which worsen existing skin problems as well as contribute to premature wrinkles, dark spots, and dull, sallow skin. If the product does not offer sun protection, use a sunscreen prior to application.

Selecting the right products can get overwhelming due to the wide range of creams, serums, and other wrinkle-preventing formulas available on the market, so we have simplified your shopping list with a roundup of the 10 best anti wrinkle creams to prevent premature aging.

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