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The Best False Eyelashes to Bat on New Year’s Eve

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that false eyelashes create definition and add a certain depth to the eyes that even the best mascara can’t replicate. The stick-on trend, however, is much more complicated to use and even can be intimidating.

To properly apply faux lashes, handle them with tweezers and line your strip with a dollop of strong hold glue—we suggest the Duo Eyelash Adhesive (US $9; AED/SAR 33). Allow the adhesive to partially dry for 15 seconds. Position your false lashes on the root of your natural ones, applying them from the outer-eye. For a more natural appearance, trim your full strips so that they fit the shape of your eye perfectly.

To effectively remove your falsies at the end of the night, don’t just rip them off as this can damage your sensitive eye area and your natural eyelashes. Instead, opt for a gentle oil-free makeup remover to loosen the glue before softly gliding off the false add-ons.

False lashes come in a variety of offerings, from mink renditions to individual lashes; whether you are looking for a glamorous sixties vibe or lashes with a natural finish, these are the statement sets that you should consider for this New Year’s Eve and beyond.

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