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5 Aluminum-Free, Natural Deodorants That Can Change Your Life

CREDIT: Ashley Moore / Instagram

CREDIT: Ashley Moore / Instagram

While we all want to be the girl who swears by natural products, when plant-based formulas are pitted against extra-strength, chemical-infused antiperspirants, the former rarely add up. But aluminum-based deodorants can actually be very dangerous to your health; aluminum compounds have been linked to the development of breast cancer and should be avoided.

Aluminum-based drugstore formulas clog sweat glands and prevent perspiration and often require less application than their organic counterparts. However, as the niche market for natural skincare expands, many brands have rolled out plant-based deodorants that smell good, come in pretty packaging, and work.

If you don’t know what product to try, don’t sweat it—we’ve done your homework for you. These are our top five aluminum-free, natural deodorant options. We guarantee, one spritz and you’ll be hooked.

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