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No Water? No Problem: This Ramadan Keep Your Skin Hydrated With 3 of the Best Facial Moisturizers

 lifelongpercussion / Instagram

lifelongpercussion / Instagram

Nothing is quite as hydrating as a refreshing glass of water. However, with the summer months ahead and Ramadan just around the corner, we need to consider alternative options in order to keep our skin glowing. Water is essential for exfoliation, self-repair, and collagen production—but its benefits don’t stop there. Dehydrated skin not only appears dull and sallow, but it is more prone to breakouts and aging as well. Here, we introduce the best facial moisturizers to keep your skin soft and supple this Ramadan and beyond.

The Lancôme Energie de Vie the Water-Infused Cream (US $55; AED/SAR 202) is supercharged with H2O to rejuvenate and repair dull, dry skin; meanwhile Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Gel Crème (US $87; AED/SAR 320) is centered around the hydrating Camellia Alba PFA—an active ingredient that promotes moisture retention in skin cells. Infused with pure plant extracts, the skin-boosting Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Silk Crème (US $60; AED/SAR 220) melts into the skin before rejuvenating and replenishing a dull complexion.

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