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M.A.C Makeup Tips for Middle Eastern Beauties

opener-mac-makeup-foundation-concealer-for-dark-circles-olive-skin-tonesDuring Paris Fashion Week, amid the backstage hustle and bustle, I talked exclusively with Romero Jennings (M.A.C Director of Makeup Artistry) about beauty for the modern Middle Eastern lady. With finding the right foundation for olive skin tones and concealing dark circles named the top beauty woes, he gave me an insight into tackling these dilemmas head-on. Jennings’ beauty portfolio boasts countless backstage shows, magazine editorials (including Vogue), and a loyal celebrity clientele—including Mary J. Blige and Naomi Campbell, so take note.

Elizabeth Whiston-Dew: What is your favorite trick to conceal dark eye circles?

Romero Jennings: First, you need to hydrate the eye area and stimulate the blood flow to help reduce puffiness and diminish the appearance of dark circles. I start prepping the eye area with the Fast Response Eye Cream. My concealer of choice is the Pro-Longwear Concealer, but before you apply this, you need to look at color correction. The Prep + Prime Highlighter pens are great for this.

The concealer rules:

If you have pink/red tones in your dark circles, then opt for a yellow color corrector but if you have blue/gray tones in your dark circles, then opt for a peach-toned color corrector. It is important to avoid anything with a shiny finish; as this will only make your dark circles appear magnified.

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