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Pencil Curls: The Beauty Hack for Statement Ringlets


On Monday in Milan, Giorgio Armani sent his models down the Fall 2016 runway with soft curls piled into a fuzzy cloud atop their heads. The models showcased the kind of romantic look that inspires us to harness the humidity and embrace the bigger-is-better mentality, and I simply could not wait until fall to replicate the style; not to mention my curling wand—the most essential tool in crafting free-flowing spirals—is broken. I had to search for a creative alternative to transform my sleek, pin-straight tresses into larger-than-life curls. The solution: a pencil and lots of aluminum foil. Dubbed pencil curls, this curling method is a simple one but requires lots of patience, so give it a spin when you have extra time to lend (at least 2 hours). Lasting up to 3 days, your statement pencil curls will frame your face from AM to PM—just add your favorite sunglasses for a laid-back look that says “hello sunshine.”

Tool Kit: A heat protectant, a wooden pencil, aluminum foil, and hairspray.

It is important to use a wooden pencil since you are working with heat, as you won’t want to spend your entire day fishing out melted plastic from your hair. Those who wish to opt out of using aluminum foil, can, though it serves to distribute the heat evenly. Continue reading to learn how you can create voluminous, spotlight-worthy curls using just a pencil and your straightener.

Step 1. Spray a generous amount of heat protector on your strands, making sure to focus on the ends. We recommend the Redken Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist (US $18; AED/SAR 66). This multi-tasking product fends off heat damage and also holds curls.
Step 2. Next, divide your hair into four sections.
Step 3. Then, grab a small piece from the first section of your hair, and loop it around your pencil.
Step 4. Wrap the pencil in tinfoil.
Step 5. Run your straightener over the tinfoil, until the foil is hot.
Step 6. Making sure not to burn yourself, carefully unwrap the foil, and release your hair.
Step 7. Repeat steps 3-5.
Step 8. Once your entire mane is curled, take each ringlet and separate it to create more volume.
Step 9. Douse your curls with a stronghold hairspray to hold your style.

For a visual how-to, watch the detailed video below.

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