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Get Stronger, Shiny Hair With This DIY Coconut Oil Treatment

Photo: Instagram/@therealfouz

Photo: Instagram/@therealfouz

Coconut oil is one of those miracle ingredients that can basically cure all of your beauty woes. Damaged hair? There’s a DIY hot oil treatment for that. Dry skin? Slather some coconut oil on your limbs after the shower. Out of makeup remover? Coconut oil can dissolve makeup and work as a cleanser. Dropped your phone while trying to take the perfect selfie? Just put it in a bowl of coconut oil (Okay that’s probably not a good idea).

Using coconut oil to resurrect dry, brittle, winter hair prevents further damage and nourishes and hydrates distressed strands while boosting hair growth—eyelashes and eyebrows included.

Massage a pea-sized amount of the oil into your ends to prevent breakage, or slather it on your entire head for deeper scalp conditioning. Those of you who require an extra dose of hydration should try a hot oil treatment. The DIY treatment not only restores moisture to dehydrated hair, but it also boosts body and shine to give you the soft, enviable mane that you’ve always wanted. Below, we break down the hot oil treatment into five, easy steps.

1. Place two tablespoons of pure coconut oil into a small bowl or cup—we recommend the Parachute Gold Thick & Strong Coconut Oil (US $8; AED/SAR 30)—and place inside a pan of boiling water.

2. Once the oil reaches piping temperatures, remove it from the heat and let it cool off for a couple of minutes to avoid burning yourself.

3. Next, massage the oil into your scalp section-by-section using your fingertips until your tresses are completely saturated from root to tip.

4. Slip a shower cap on and sift through your favorite beauty magazine while your DIY treatment absorbs into your scalp.

5. After 30 minutes, rinse off.

Note: since product build-up prevents the coconut oil from effectively absorbing into your scalp, make sure to thoroughly wash your hair before you do the treatment.

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