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How Garlic for Acne “Really” Works

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If you follow a fair share of beauty gurus on Instagram, then you may have witnessed your favorite bloggers rubbing a clove of garlic on their skin in an effort to eradicate a zit. As bizarre as it may seem, using garlic for acne actually works. Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling caused by breakouts. Additionally, garlic includes an antimicrobial ingredient called allicin, which can kill acne-causing bacteria.


However, before you whip out your garlic peeler, you should know that garlic alone is not enough to tackle breakouts. Instead, reach for a face mask that combines a blend of ingredients. The Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask (US $7; AED/SAR 26) includes a slew of grocery list ingredients—such as green grapes, fresh garlic, and free-range eggs—along with kaolin clay (which is known for absorbing oil) to fight breakouts. Slather a generous amount of the formula onto your face twice a week (the product expires after 14 days), and leave on for ten minutes before washing off. The mask contains soothing ingredients such as honey and tea tree oil, which work to prevent the skin from drying out as well as calming any inflammation. Since the product boasts fresh ingredients, make sure that you store the all-natural mask in your fridge instead of your bedroom.

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