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5 Henna Designs for Eid

We’re halfway through Ramadan and as if on cue, Eid is on our minds: deciding what to wear, planning how to make the most of the two (max three) days of holiday, gift shopping for our loved ones—the list goes on. One of the things we look forward to most is decorating our hands with henna.

To help you decide what look to choose, we’ve selected five types of henna designs that are in style and are sure to complement any look you choose—some of these might even save you the trip to the salon since you can apply the design yourselves.

Keeping it Traditional

Black and brown henna have always been the most popular choices in our region; there is something striking about dark, intricate curlicues drawn on the hands, especially when paired with a shiny manicure. Those of you who prefer to be a little traditional for Eid, go for the Berber style designs, which make hands appear delicate and ultra feminine.

White is the New Black

We initially shared some white henna design inspirations with you for Ramadan and it turns out that the fad is still making the rounds on all our favorite Instagram beauty accounts—making it an über trendy choice for Eid. The white body paint (not actual henna) looks gorgeous against olive skin tones—you might want to book an appointment in advance for this one as plenty of women will probably be wearing white on their hands this holiday.

Flash Some Henna Tattoos

What can we say about this long-running trend that hasn’t been said before? To begin, it can be removed much faster than henna. Simply soak your skin in baby oil, olive oil, or coconut oil for one minute and then gently scrub the design off, and repeat as necessary. For women who don’t want to turn up at work the next day with hands covered in beautiful (yet distracting) spirals, flash tattoos are the perfect option—not to mention they’re so pretty and sparkly.

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