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The Big Bun Theory


It appears that the bun is back in beauty session—and for good reason. This is a hairstyle that works wonders on the red carpet as it is flawless from every angle, regardless of the weather conditions. No gust of wind or rising humidity level will make your lengths look lank and pulling your hair up and off your face can have an instant anti-ageing effect—much like a mini facelift.

The oversized bun worn high on the head can also make you appear taller, so what is not to love?

This fall, channel your inner retro beauty, as did Sarah Hyland at the 2014 Emmys, and switch up your hair routine from the usual blowdry to this sleek updo.

The How-To:

Wash hair and add a volume-boosting product to your roots while still wet.

Blowdry hair straight and spritz a little shine spray through the lengths and ends.

Pull your hair up into a high ponytail at the crown of the head and tie with an elastic.

Take a hair donut in a color that matches your hair shade and slip over your ponytail.

Wrap the lengths of your ponytail around the hair donut clockwise and keep it in place with bobby pins.

Finish the look with a fine misting of hairspray.

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