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Make Your Nose Appear Slimmer With This Easy Contouring Technique

Photo: Instagram/@hudabeauty

Photo: Instagram/@hudabeauty

Contouring was previously reserved for photo shoots and runways, but thanks to the thousands of self-proclaimed makeup artists on Instagram, it has now become a part of our makeup routine. With its crafty transformative abilities, the contouring technique has saved countless women from making a trip to the plastic surgeon. Besides, a Marc Jacobs Beauty compact is far cuter than a bulky bandage across your nose.

Yes, the nose is capable of changing our overall appearance, but you don’t have to go under the knife for an instant nose reconstruction—here’s an easier way:

After priming the face and applying foundation, dip an angled brush into the Marc Jacobs Beauty #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder (US $49; AED/SAR 180) and draw a line down each side of the nose. Carry the line to the bridge of the nose, and blend at the tip of the eyebrows for a seamless transition.

TIP: If your nose is wider at the bottom, draw outward facing lines on each side of your nostrils. Draw downward facing lines that connect at the bottom of your nose to create the appearance of a slimmer tip.

Next, clean the brush before dipping it into the compact’s highlight powder and draw a stripe down the center of the nose. If the bottom or tip of the structure is wide, then take the highlight only halfway down the nose.

Lastly, take a beauty blender and blend the lines until you don’t see them anymore.

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