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The Sunshine Shade: How to Choose the Right Orange Lipstick According to Your Undertone

misssunshine_boutique / Instagram

misssunshine_boutique / Instagram

This summer, welcome the warmer weather with open arms and a popping pout. While reds and pinks will always be classic colors, orange is the shade of the season. When paired correctly with your skin’s undertone, orange lipstick can instantly elevate your summer beauty look.

Skin tones are often confused with undertones, but they are not the same thing. An undertone is the color that lies beneath the skin. While it is possible for the skin tone to change, the undertone won’t—meaning you’ll always have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. Here, we explore the orange lipsticks that will work for you—whatever your undertone may be.

Warm tones really shine during the summer because they work best alongside bronze and orange colors, meaning that finding an orange lipstick is incredibly simple. Opt for a shade with a pink or yellow undertone, such as the M.A.C Lipstick in Morange (US $17; AED/SAR 62), for an intense, bright orange pout with a creamy opaque finish. If you have a more glimmering lipstick in mind, look for options with gold, bronze, or copper flecks.

01-best-orange-lipstick-beauty-makeup-mac-lipstick-in-morangeCOOL TONED SKIN
Cool skin tones look best when coupled with blue or purple undertones, so the orange lipsticks that will work for you will be richer and deeper. The Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in Sunset Orange (US $35; AED/SAR 128) is a semi-matte lipstick that sits at the crimson end of the hot orange spectrum. This shade suits brunettes, and serves as a safer option for those with more mature skin. If you’re after something with a little shimmer, look for lipsticks with silver, opal, or white flecks.

02-best-orange-lipstick-beauty-makeup-bobbi-brown-luxe-lip-color-in-sunset-orangeNEUTRAL TONED SKIN
Neutral tones are a hybrid of warm and cool tones. This opens up the entire color spectrum, but it’s better to choose slightly softer shades like the Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Lip Color in Yanilena (US $35; AED/SAR 128), which has an ultra-moisturizing formula to reveal a full, radiant color. Be careful when looking for very bright shades as they can overwhelm your complexion.


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