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3 Best DIY Acne Treatments to Try This Weekend


Homemade acne remedies have grown in popularity due to their all-natural ingredient list (no more clogged pores) and their cost-efficiency. Social media sites such as YouTube and Pinterest are packed with an overwhelming amount of brightness-boosting, acne fighting treatments that you can make using products you already have in your kitchen. Since the Internet is oversaturated with at-home facemasks and remedies, we’ve listed the three best DIY acne treatments below—courtesy of our favorite beauty gurus—to help you banish breakouts for good.


AndreasChoice is a beauty maven who hails from California. She has garnered over 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube that flock to her page for makeup, hair, and skincare tips. In this video, the beauty guru uses sea salt, an excellent detoxifier and exfoliant, as her primary ingredient in three different ways. Sprinkle it into a steaming pot of water, and allow it to open up your pores and remove the toxins. You can also mix it with honey and apply the paste all over your face as a mask, or simply mix it with warm water, dip a clean rag into the concoction, and let it sit on your face for 10 minutes.


Huda Kattan is the Middle East’s number one beauty blogger-turned-entrepreneur. The Iraqi beauty has 10.4 million followers on Instagram—and counting. Her favorite acne treatment, touted as a “miracle mask,” uses three ingredients: nutmeg, milk, and honey. Nutmeg contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the size of pimples and heal acne scars, while milk is a natural moisturizer and honey is rich in antioxidants.


Parts of Asia have been using turmeric in beauty masks for centuries to reduce acne, dark circles, and promote radiant skin. Promise Tamang (known as Promise Phan on YouTube) is a Nepali beauty guru notable for her astounding celebrity and character transformations. In this video, the makeup maven teaches us how to make a turmeric facemask. The ingredients for this DIY mask comprise turmeric powder, rice flower, yogurt (for oily skin) or olive oil (for dry skin), and honey.

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