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The Beauty Looks We Loved from Fashion Forward Season 4


As Dubai’s Fashion Forward Season 4 draws to a close, we’ve seen a variety of looks from the beauty department. From the pristine and polished to the weird and wonderful, it’s fair to say we were largely pleased with the outcome. The M.A.C Cosmetics team, headed by makeup artists Vimi Joshi, Mariam Khairallah, and Melanie Flores, conjured up some exquisite looks for each designer. There were certainly some trends to note, from seventies gloss to graphic black, with smatterings of glitter thrown in for good measure. Many of the designers cited the Middle East as inspiration: from the Arabian princess, to the desert serpent, to the burning sunset, to name a few.

Take a glimpse at some of our favorites…


1. Emperor 1688

The Show: Emperor 1688

The Look: ‘70s Gloss

“Hair flowed loose, with a soft wave and the smudgy, ‘slept-in-eyes’ provided the carefree dose of cool. On closer inspection, the kohl eyeliner was a vivid blue rather than a harsh black, the perfect accompaniment to newly acquired, sun tanned skin.”


2. Jean Louis Sabaji.

The Show: Jean-Louis Sabaji

The Look: The Black Swan

“A measure of black eyeshadow was swept across the models’ eyelids using a fan brush to mimic the look of feathers. At the tethered outer edges, a little white eyeliner was painted in between the brush strokes to give a feeling of depth. What resulted was a set of spooky lids that wouldn’t look out of place in a Tim Burton movie—oh, the drama.”


3. Cinco

The Show: Michael Cinco

The Look: Eyeshadow Kaleidoscope

“Backstage, it was like a kaleidoscope of color with all of the rainbow eyeshadow palettes out on deck. I spotted vivid shades of yellow, blue, green, orange, and lilac applied in a wash of color over the models’ eyelids. This was paired with bronzed skin and a glassy peach lip, while the models’ eyebrows were concealed in an avant-garde touch.”


4. Dany Tabet

The Show: Dany Tabet

The Look: The Serpent

“The models’ eyelids were sectioned into three horizontal stripes to give them a snake-like quality. On the innermost and outermost sections, there was an intense matte black pigment, the center section was bathed in a reflective, burnished-copper glow.”

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