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100 Years of Egyptian Beauty in 2 Minutes

Cut’s 100 Years of Beauty video series brings us the stunning evolution of makeup and hair trends from different parts of the world over the last century. For its 17th episode, Cut takes us to Egypt and in the mere 1 minute and 42 seconds of the clip, we see the dramatic shift in beauty looks from women sporting their manes in tousled waves, to updos, and veils. The notable beauty looks featured in the 2 minute short also include bold, thick brows ; crimson pouts; movie star pearls; and luminescent skin.

Jacinthe Assaad, who did the research for the video, noted that some beauty looks chosen represent various political struggles from each decade.

The first 1910 look showcases the veiled look women wore to step outside the home; next, the 20’s look is based off of Huda Sha’arawi, a feminist leader who chose to remove the veil as a sign of resistance. Prominent Egyptian singer Umm Khulthum inspired the beauty look of the ‘30’s; while the 1940’s look was inspired by Princess Fawzia Fouad of Egypt. Philosopher, poet, and leader of the feminist movement, Doria Shafik inspired the hair and makeup look of the 1950’s. For the ‘60’s, inspiration was drawn from the image of a factory worker. Souad Hosny was known as the “Cinderella of Egyptian cinema” and brought to life the loose waves and big earrings beauty look of the 1970’s. For the 1980’s, Cut opted to represent the acceptance of Western norms of beauty in Egypt. The 1990’s look drew inspiration from Egyptian actress and singer Sherihan; and the beginning of the 21st century represented the ways in which Egyptian women tried to blend the conservative aspect of their culture with more contemporary facets. To create the beauty look for the 2010 decade, Cut combined elements born out of the revolution such as the veil, the flag headband women wear during protests, and the “I voted” thumbprint.

Watch the video above to check out all the stunning hair and beauty trends and click here for a detailed breakdown of the looks.

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