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Beauty Sound Bites: New Summer Colors from YSL


“I love the chance to play with color. With Baby Doll Kiss & Blush women can create their own codes. They can…mix colors like a twin set, or create contrasts between cheeks and lips.” —Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Makeup, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Sun-kissed summer skin lends itself to a vibrant lip and a dabbing of dewy cream blush. In fact, if you have those two beauty staples plus a slick of mascara, you need look no further to complete your beauty look. Multipurpose products are a dream during summer months and can give your complexion an instant lift.

The YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush looks like a lip gloss, and when applied to the lips with its tapered tip, it gives a highly pigmented dose of color to your pout. Much like a stain, the formula goes on very sheet—yet please note here that the finish is a rather powdery, matte texture rather than that of a high-shine gloss. If you’re after glassy, just layer this with a measure of clear gloss for a wet-look pout.

Up next, it’s onto the cheeks; and be warned—only a dot or two is needed to give just the right amount of warmth. A heavy-handed application can make you look very dolly-esque.


2. KISS and BLUSH_Still Life N 4Which hue to choose?

Olive skin tones that sport bold hues easily should opt for vibrant shades like Orange Fougueux (04), Rouge Effrontée (05) and Fuschia Désinvolte. On the other hand, paler complexions can work the pastel shades like Rose Épicurien (09), Rose Frivole (02), and Corail Affranchi (07).
If you wish to push the beauty boundaries, a coral/orange pout combined with a pink flush across the cheekbones is a winning combo.

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