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The Best Ramadan Accessory: White Henna Tattoos

Henna is generally considered a must during Eid and wedding season, but in our region, getting intricate spirals and designs on the hands and feet has become a popular practice throughout the year. For Ramadan, as we like things on the lighter side, we’re bringing you the detail-oriented appliqué in white—a break from the usual black, brown, and red. Henna artist Amrin Wahid, more commonly known as @girly_henna on Instagram (with a following of over 350K people), has shared three exclusive designs with

Creating henna designs for over 11 years, Wahid admitted that she’s never experienced a bigger craze over the body art than she has in the past few months over white henna. “White henna has become a must-have for girls—they want to wear it as jewelry to parties and events,” said Wahid.

The metallic coloring à la flash tattoos is in fact not actual henna, since it doesn’t come from the henna plant; it is a form of body paint that imitates the intricacy of the ancient art. The product looks especially striking on dark and olive-toned complexions, making it an ideal accessory for Ramadan.

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