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Don’t Know Where to Buy Halal Makeup Online? We’ve Got You Covered

sondos_aq / Instagram

sondos_aq / Instagram

The words “organic” and “vegan” have become somewhat popular when discussing beauty products. Now, we’re adding halal makeup to our vocabulary. Halal makeup and skincare cater to Muslim consumers and makeup aficionados alike—making them a beauty bag must-have.

The word “halal”—which translates to “permissible” in Arabic—refers to actions in daily life as well as certain items (both food and non-food) that are free of animal by-products and harmful ingredients such as alcohol. When it comes to cosmetics, halal makeup must also be cruelty-free. This appeals to both Muslim consumers and those who strive for a healthy, holistic, and all-natural lifestyle.

In Islam, it is unlawful to use non-halal ingredients on the skin as they affect the purity of the body when praying. Dubai-based beauty and fashion blogger Wafa Yahya of Wafa’s Diary weighed in on the subject, “I for one prefer to use halal products, as most of the time the ingredients we use on a daily basis penetrate our skin or get consumed without us being aware,” she explained. “If the products use halal ingredients, then I can use them with peace of mind,” she added.

However, due to the expense of manufacturing beauty products that boast an all-natural list of ingredients, the variety of halal beauty brands is limited. Fortunately, there are niche cosmetic companies that focus on producing eco-friendly, halal beauty products—which include everything from mascara and lipstick, to foundation and moisturizer.

If you don’t know where to buy halal makeup, don’t worry—we do. Read on for our list of halal-certified beauty essentials and the online destinations you can rely on.

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