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Two Powder-Free Ways to Eliminate Summer Shine


On a mission to combat shiny complexions sans cakey pigments, Shiseido created not just one, but two breakthrough oil-blotting papers. Unlike those blue sheets beloved by many as teens, these rectangles are slightly larger and boast hydro-balancing and oil-absorbing ingredients. (Sure, there isn’t the same gratification that comes with seeing your blotting paper go from opaque cornflower to transparent indigo, but these new-and-improved versions are a more discreet way to remove the post-commute perspiration that never fails to form on your T-zone.) The dense, rubbery Sweat & Oil Blotting Film consists of a highly porous material that erases any unwanted sheen instantly but preserves some moisture so your face doesn’t feel entirely parched. If you’re blemish-prone, try the Sebum & Oil Blotting Paper, which contains hydroxyapatite, a phosphate mineral that soaks up the acne-causing substance that naturally occurs on the surface of the skin. Here’s to a glowy—not greasy—summer that doesn’t involve powdering your nose.

$12 each;

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