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The Naked Truth: Top Ten Nude Nail Shades

A beautifully polished, nude nail shade speaks volumes. Quiet yet demure, it is a welcome break from the mass of glitter, stencils, and neon nail art that we subjected our beloved nail beds to over the past few seasons.

Let’s start 2015 with a clean canvas—it’s time to strip back the color and find your perfect nude hue. It can be a little tricky, so use your own skin tone as your guide. If a shade makes your skin tone look pallid or brings out the pink tones or imperfections on your hands, it’s not the one for you. The perfect nude will elongate your fingers, much like a great pair of nude court shoes does for your legs—something to think about, especially if you want to parade some serious finger bling.

Here are the top ten shades to try, including our pick of the best for your skin tone.

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