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Longer, Thicker, Fluttery Eyelashes—Now

thicker-longer-eyelashes-with-urban-decay-subversion-lash- primer-and-perversion-mascara

Primers, in my opinion, are a little redundant where day-to-day makeup is concerned. Adding another layer to your skin, eyelids, and lips just seems to be a time consuming task that only ladies who lunch have the patience for. Not to say that a primer isn’t extremely effective when it does come out to play, especially on days when makeup needs to stay put and do as it is told for hours on end—cue birthdays, polo days, fashion weeks—you get the idea. One primer that has taken me quite by surprise is the Urban Decay Subversion Thicker, Longer, Stronger Lash Primer.


When artfully painted onto your bare eyelashes, it leaves behind a white frost that makes you look like an Inuit; but when followed with a helping of the Urban Decay Perversion Bigger, Blacker, Badder Mascara, the results are quite astounding.

Those with a full set of fluttery lashes need not apply—unless they want a particularly dolly-esque, verging on spooky, spidery, set. Those who need a magnifying mirror just to spot theirs will indeed benefit from this extra step. The addition of the primer transforms short, stumpy lashes into long and thick ones. It also gives the mascara something to hold on to so you have less tell-tale mascara tire marks around the eye where the product has fallen or smudged—not to mention more chances of creating a doe-eyed look minus the use of eyelash-crippling extensions.

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