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The Gift of Kings


Last December, niche luxury fragrance house, Amouage, unveiled a two-story perfumery large enough to increase output capacity from 8,500 bottles to 20,000 bottles per week. A grand jeté (giant leap) in production output from a house that has only just turned thirty years old.

While Amouage sources inspiration and world-renowned Frankincense from the rugged landscapes of Dhofar, Oman, perfumers in Grasse, France concoct the most addictive and olfactive blends. Such a recipe has since led the Omani brand to enjoy a royal following, devotees from all over the region, and international acclaim.

Interlude Perfume 

Fall back into a pool of water-reflected constellations, inhale deeply, and meditate on your personal entre acte (intermission) as the chords of Interlude transport you to the Orient. Ride boldly through desert sands on the backs of Frankincense, Jasmine, Grapefruit, Ginger, Orange Blossom, Leather, and Sandalwood. The perfume will invite you to begin an olfactive journey and if you accept, pack your bags because we assure you that there will be no turning back. As you ride, you will leave a trail of truths that will compose a perfect mystery. With an assured spritz, begin your crossing into the Orient, but remember, your stream of olfactive secrets should never entirely be revealed.


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