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Tend Skin: A Cure for Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs

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Regardless of your routine depilatory method, there is always a pesky razor bump hair here or an ingrowing hair developing there. Whether you wax, epilate, or partake in electrolysis, you can stop them in their tracks with a daily dosage of Tend Skin. This salicylic acid infused formula promises to unblock the pores and alleviate trapped hairs—and it certainly seems to do the trick.

tend-skin-a-cure-for-razor-bumps-and-ingrown-hairsEnter the Tend Skin Refillable Roll On, a summer holiday must. Keep this little roll on close at hand to avoid any agitated limbs, and you can apply the formula both morning and night until the effects subside. Please note: do not use this on broken skin and a patch test is also recommended one hour before application to the entire area to ensure sensitivity levels are kept to a minimum.

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